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You Are What You Eat

Hello every lovely body! I hope this month’s article finds you well. It is also my wish for you that in some small way you have begun to live authentically. For choosing the authentic path opens your gateway to awareness and contentment. Think about the content feeling we all have when we’ve eaten a fantastic meal, remember Thanksgiving and all the Soul food we ate at this time, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and let’s not forget the special food that only you equate with this holiday. You feel so good when you eat these foods because they represent love, support, safety and kinship with one another. It is no secret that eating food it is a way of comforting ourselves. What about the break up tub of cookie dough ice cream or the greasy fried food that seems to fill the loneliness hole. Let us not use food as a crutch but look within ourselves to heal so that we need only “BE” to feel contentment and no longer need food to fill the void. After all you are what you eat. If you consume a lot of processed foods then your body is not receiving any real energy. That is why organic foods give us so much, they are actually ALIVE. Take a Genetically Modified tomato and put it on you counter beside one that is organic or from your garden, (this is a good time of year to do with all the fall harvests). See which one lasts longer, the genetically altered tomato has almost no actual life energy in it, where the garden tomato will ripen and go soft quickly, because it is ALIVE. When you eat foods that are alive they nourish you on many levels. This is a simple way that you can begin to take care of yourself from the inside out. Start small and before you know it there will be a whole new happy, healthy you!!!! Once you begin to choose life in small ways the larger ones will follow. There are many people available in our community to aid you on your journey. Check out the Living Well Directory that was debuted at the Annual Health and Wellness Fair this past September; you may pick up at copy at Journey to Wellness or Luminous Laser and Med Spa. Just flip through the pages and see where they lead you, what an exciting journey I say. Have a wonderful rest of your month and I look forward to sharing again with you all soon. Kim Nadin is a Therapeutic Energy Practitioner utilizing a variety of modalities to aid one on their physical, emotional and spiritual path to healing and becoming a whole authentic being.

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