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We Create our Realities

Hello everyone; I do hope that this month’s article finds you well and one step closer to your authentic self.

Christmas is almost upon us, the time of giving, sharing and receiving. We are doing these things all through the year yet it is at Christmas for some of us that these actions take on a whole new meaning. It is important that we understand it is not the largest gift we can pay for with our credit card, only to be left in debt for the remainder of the New Year to come. It is giving from the heart that is most important, be it through a kind word or good deed, this is the true spirit of sharing. Do not be discouraged if others around you do not celebrate the way you do. This time is also a time for acceptance. We are all cut from the same cloth; we are all Love no matter the perspective from which you choose to look.

This month I would also like to speak about choice. What does this mean? Do we really have the capacity to choose our realities? Is this real? Isn’t it?

We do. Every morning when we wake and every night before we sleep, as well as all of our awake moments in between we are creating the reality of what is next to come for us. Consciously or not, this is real. I challenge you to be aware of the reality you are creating instead of just floating around waiting to see what happens next.

How does one “DO” this you ask? First, never accept negative thoughts and feelings, as they form send them away. It is that simple. Clear your mind of the rubbish. When any negative thought intrudes clear it from the base one thought at a time, do not be overwhelmed at the number of thoughts you may be sending away when you start this exercise. Do not be alarmed at the fact that you may have trouble forming a positive thought. It is a process, you will be successful.

Allow yourself to think only positive, good thoughts. It really is that simple. It may take time to “retrain” your brain to see the glass half full. It is said any reality can change after 28 days of consistent action. If well all saw the good in everything and forgave what we perceive is the darkness oh what a wonderful world we would be living in.

I ask you all enjoy this coming holiday season to your greatest ability and I look forward to our continuing correspondence in the New Year to come.

If you have any questions you are pondering from the articles I have been sharing with you please feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to find an answer for you.

I extend warm holiday wishes of love and acceptance to you all!!!

Kim Nadin is a Therapeutic Energy Practitioner utilizing a variety of modalities to aid one on their physical, emotional and spiritual path to healing and becoming a whole authentic being.

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