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Living Authentically as Possible

This month I would like to bring your awareness to living as authentically as possible at all times. You may be wondering what living authentically means. Living authentically is living as honest, free and open as you possibly can. It’s living with forgiveness and peace. Celebrating and enjoying what we have within ourselves instead of looking outside ourselves for fulfillment. There will always be a bigger home a shinier car and that special pair of shoes you feel like you need to have in order to be happy. Often after you do achieve these must have things a short time later you are left feeling unfulfilled only to look for another item you MUST have to fill in that emptiness.

How does one begin to live authentically you ask? One step at a time. It can be by eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables, or recycling your trash instead of just throwing it all in one bin. You could donate some of your time at the local Shelter House or volunteer to spend some time with others less fortunate. Another relatively easy thing you can do to start on this path is to spend a few minutes each morning and/or evening in meditation. To meditate can be something as simple as just focusing on your breath. Breathe slowly in your nose and then slowly out your mouth. If you feel you need something more structured, there are many excellent guided meditations Compact discs available as well. Just get comfortable, press play and away you go.

Living authentically is living honestly as you are able, in all aspects of your life. Do you ever remember your Mother telling you if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all? Living by these words will start you on your “Living Authentic Path”. Watch the wonders of the world unfold before you as you begin this exciting journey.

For those interested I would recommend an excellent book written by two incredible people who I had the pleasure of spending 3 full days in seminar with on my own continuing journey of Authentic Living. “Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego” written by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira.

When we live our divine will, we will never go wrong. It is when we are directed by our ego that we are fallible. Divine Will = Love and Peace, Free Will and Ego= fear.

I look forward to sharing something interesting and exciting with you all next month. Until then stay safe and remember… you are incredible!!!!!!

Kim Nadin is a Therapeutic Energy Practitioner utilizing a variety of modalities to aid one on their physical, emotional and spiritual path to healing and becoming a whole authentic being.

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