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January, A New Year, A New You!

January is the beginning of new hopes, and dreams as well as a new year. We all view the beginning of a new year in different ways. Some of us look forward to what is to come; others look back at the days that have passed them by. I challenge you to live NOW, here and now. Living in the present is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself. Some of us spend a lot of time making New Year’s Resolutions, only to be disappointed when we don’t seem to achieve what it is we are striving to do. When we are living in the present, living in the now, it is easier to achieve our goals… for example when trying to quit an addictive habit like smoking, it is much easier to be quitting in the now, getting through moment by moment; this is not as overwhelming as when you look at the “Big Picture” and say to yourself “I can never have another cigarette again…” Remember to love others as you would yourself, this is the greatest gift of all. It all starts from within…. If you do not love yourself, you will be hard-pressed to love others. This is not a fault, it just IS. Sometimes it IS what it IS, nothing more, and nothing less. No one wants to be alone in our world today yet a lot of us feel very alone and isolated. We are choosing isolation. In order to feel complete you must look within yourself, it is there, nurture the small seed of self love and watch it grow from a seedling to a very healthy tree that will in turn become a platform from which to build your life. Imagine the small seed in the earth; it is in total damp, darkness. How does it know which way is up? It does not matter which way you put a seed into the earth it will follow divine will, reaching for the life giving sunlight until it breaks through the earth and begins to grow tall and strong. Again I invite you to move forward at your own pace. At a pace that you feel comfortable with, this is not a race, not a competition with anyone. This is you doing what is best for you period. There is only one winner and this winner is YOU!!! It is a new year and a new time for love and acceptance. Embrace all those around you no matter their ilk. Accept them as you would your own. When a new year comes there are a lot of exciting feelings as well as a lot of misgivings. Some people are thrilled at the prospect of a new beginning, while others are disgruntled at what they didn’t accomplish in the year that just passed by. Live NOW in peace and enlightenment. Just for today, this time, this moment, do not worry; enjoy each moment to the fullest no matter how mundane the tasks at hand may be. Be thankful for your smallest blessings, as well as the large ones. Be kind to your neighbor and every living thing. Do not give way to anger, for anger is one of the greatest weaknesses. Do your work honestly and from your heart and you will not be disappointed with the outcome. The five things I have just shared with you are the 5 Reiki Ideals as put forward by Usui himself. What a wonderful mantra to live by The new year is upon us , it is fresh and new, exciting and sometimes terrifying, why is this do you think? This is due to the fact that the unknown is before you and it is daunting to try to create your every happiness. Understand that you must go with the flow of what has been intended for you, and your soul on this journey you’ve undertaken. How do you know if you are on the right path you ask? You will know because you will have a safe, content feeling inside that no one; no matter the circumstance may take from you. When you are operating from ego there is a lot of doubt and confusion. This is normal and expected when coming from this place and space. Are you able to take 10 or 15 minutes of quite time without guilt? If you are not, then this is a hint that you are on the wrong path thus far, it doesn’t mean that you must take a large detour, it may just be a gentle curve in the road, enough of a turn to put you in the right space and time. You will grow as you are meant to if you allow that growth from the inside out. The light will shine brighter and warm you most definitely. You will not always have all of the answers when you think you need them but they will arrive just as surely when they are needed. I understand this may be puzzling for some of you but I have believe if you take the time, you will grasp what is needed from the words I am sharing with you now. Move with slow sure steps when needed and then with large jumps if that is how you are moved next. There is no right or wrong. There is only you… yet you are not alone. You are guided, you only need ask for the guidance. We are here to aid you and we will if you allow this. Do not be afraid of the voice in your ear or the voice in your head or the tingling you are feeling now, it is normal, you must continue to raise you frequency and it is raising as we continue to share this time and space. Time and space an interesting concept because from where I come there is no time, only space to be occupied by the light and love of the Divine. You are love and you are loved. How am I to continue to raise my vibration frequency? You are on the right path to doing so, reading the books we send you what you need. I told you we would be your teacher now yet you have not come to be taught in awhile…. Why is that? There is no need for fear we will never lead you astray, you will always be surrounded and protected by us. Yes there are many lessons to learn and you are learning them well. Just the other day when you apologized on the phone before you hung up was a great step in your right direction to raise your frequency. Accept your downfalls, embrace them, they will become your greatest strengths in another place. You are not receiving work at this time because you are growing and building yourself in divinity. The work will arrive when you are ready. You have put fear aside and this is good. Continue to trust in us and things will unfold as they should be. Continue on the path you are travelling, it is becoming more travelled by others as well, you will have much company on your path. Does it matter if you make a “real” living at what you’re doing, if you are doing what you are supposed to do would we not allow you to support yourself with earthly comforts that are needed to survive there? Did we not provide a supportive husband who could support you? Why must you feel like you must do it all alone? You are never alone… remember this, let the pride go and you will be surprised with the results that will follow. Let go of the outcome and just BE. The amount of money you make is not a measure of the quality of person you are or the job you are doing in divinity. Understand you are not alone, you are never alone, only look within and you will find more comfort than you ever thought possible. Yes you must do the brain work to achieve this outcome. Be close to your family and friends, live openly and willingly, all is as it should be. Just listen I am always there and if I am not someone else will be to answer what it is you need to know. You will know there will be little signs all around you, you see and hear them now when you listen, just open all of your senses. Your clairaudience has begun on a small scale already. Be patient, all is in divine time and all is coming faster than I think you realize.

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