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Aura / Chakra Cleaning

Hello again, I hope this article finds you all well. This month I will be discussing our energetic health. You may have heard people speak of Chakras and Auras and wondered what all the buzz was about. As I said last month, today I will be discussing Aura and Chakra clearing.You may be wondering what exactly this is. We use applied kinesiology or muscle testing as a tool to clear our Auras of unhealthy energies. We are all made up of energy. Everything around us IS energy. When we are energetically responsible for ourselves we generally lead a healthier existence. The first phase is based on applied kinesiology (more simply known as muscle testing) a man; Dr. George Goodheart discovered in the 1960’s that our inner self is incapable of lying. Many naturopaths use muscle testing in their work to assess things like allergies. When my daughter was colicky as a young baby my chiropractor muscle tested her for various foods and formulas. This way we found out what was bothering her and the crying stopped. Bear in mind I was a young mother with my baby on my chest and a strange person asking me to try to keep my arm strong. I had no idea what he was doing at the time only that it worked. Little did I know that this was in fact muscle testing.We use Goodheart’s technique to ask questions to help us clear our Auras. Why would we clear our Auras you might be wondering… Let me explain it like this: Do you know the feeling you get when you see a phone number come up on your telephone and you don’t want to answer it because you know by the end of the call you are going to feel physically drained? Or how about the person in the office who when you see them coming you want to run in the other direction because you know by the end of your conversation you are going to feel like you’ve just run a marathon. This is because your physical energy is being affected on a very real level. Even though you can’t see it you feel it, it’s happening. When we don’t clear our Auras on a regular basis our energetic layers become clogged so to speak and when they get really clogged we may begin to manifest physical pain in our bodies. An example of this is that someone obsessively worrying about you sends this negative energy in your direction. If you do not clear it at the energetic level you may find you end up with a very real pain in your neck. Once the energy is cleared *ahhhhh relief. It really is that simple for some issues. When you learn Aura/Chakra Clearing you begin to learn how to become energetically responsible for yourself, a very empowering place to start with your energetic health.

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