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Private Sessions  F.A.Q.

What is a private Session?


Private Sessions are approximately one hour in length. They are very dependant upon the indivdual. Sessions usually include a period of discussion followed by some work on the massage table. 

Distant Sessions are also available.


Who comes to see you?


My clients are male and female ranging in ages from 5 to 80 Years. The people that come to see me are often looking for help with a specific issue, these range all areas. Examples are Physical, Spiritual, Emotional.  A physical issue may be a sore back or tight jaw, a client may be dealing with Auto Immune Disorders and is looking for relief from nasty side effects of necessary courses of treatment.  A client may be looking to raise their energetic vibration and will come for support in that area and clients may be looking for support in dealing with day to day issues that are hampering thier growth as an individual.


How many times do I have to come and see you?


I recommend 3-5 consecutive sessions, and then we decide from there.  There is also  follow up homework involved after each session, my goal is to have you in a space where you will be able to eventually take care of yourself at an energetic level on a day to day basis with little help or support from me. 


How quickly will I notice a difference?


Often clients notice a difference after the very first visit.  Following a visit it is very normal for your physical body to go through an "Energetic Detox". This may show up in the form of feeling a little emotional or under the weather physcially for a couple days following the treatment.  This is very normal after these types of treatments.


What else do you do?


I have learned very many modalities to support my clients along their path, I am a Certified Past Life and Between Lives Regression Hypnotherapist, I am a Rising Star Practioner and a Prema Birthing Teacher/Practitioner, as well as having studied Advanced Phych-K and Basic Theta Healing. I am also a Reiki Master as well as an Advanced Light Therapy Practitioner. Most recently I completed all six levels of Seraphim Blueprint Healing as well.



Group Classes

I facilitate Level One, Level Two, Advanced and Master Level Reiki Classes


I facilitate Aura and Chakra Cleaning and Clearing Classes


These classes are scheduled as the need arises. If you are interested in attending a class please email me at and let me know the class you are interested in and I will let you know tentative dates and we can work from there.



Reiki Healing, Thunder Bay, Elemental Vibrations
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