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Client Testimonials


 left the dermatologist's office saying, "That's not good enough."  He had just told me that my light-allergy--'Polymorphous light eruption', he called it; an allergy to ultra-high UVA rays--would only continue to get worse.  He said I would just have to keep wearing UV protective clothing, using my 50+ broad-spectrum sunscreen, and living in the dark.  He said I should take antihistamines in preparation for and not just in response to exposure to the light.

I am a 53 year old Caucasian woman.  At sixteen, I was prescribed a medication with the unfortunate side effect of ultra violet hypersensitivity.  From that time on, even after I stopped taking the medication, I suffered increasingly troublesome rashes, burns and generalized discomfort--like my skin was inflamed--with even the slightest exposure.  Since UVA is present in both direct sunlight and ambient light, I spent my summers and much of the rest of my day-times under cover.  I would sit next to artificial light in a darkened room to read or work.  If I went outside, or even stayed inside but allowed a little natural light to penetrate, I had to be almost totally covered up.  I wore a hat with a veil over my ears, neck and face, gloves on my hands, and UV protective clothing of UVP 50+ right down to my socks.

I had tried antihistamines, naturopathic therapies, cleanses, and acupuncture.  The only thing I could think of that I hadn't tried was energy work.

I found Kim Nadin through her website.  At the beginning of our first session, I told Kim, "This is the year that I will shift my sun allergy.  But I don't really believe that it's possible, so let's work on the belief first."  As I lay on her table relaxing and enjoying the music, it occurred to me that it might be beneficial to think about my sun-allergy and what its possible origins.   Immediately, I had a memory/knowing of being very young and feeling safer when I was not seen.  As I grew I learned the unspoken family rule to 'be invisible'.  My sun allergy was an internalization of that message and a grossly exaggerated response.  Hiding behind clothing and in darkened rooms was the closest I could come to actual invisibility.  None of this was news to me, but the realization of it came with more clarity than ever before.

Suddenly I was enraged at the self-imposed oppression.  My mind screamed, "I do not want to be loyal to this family rule any more!  I do not want to be loyal to this!"

After a couple of deep breaths, the anger was gone.  I noticed the music again and Kim's quiet movements.  Later, when we were sitting across from each other, Kim asked what I had noticed during the table work.  I mentioned the music and a few physical sensations, and, oh yeah, I did have a particularly strong experience... .

"You know, it might be gone," Kim said.  

"Well, we'll see," I said.

That was in May, 2014.  To this day, I have not suffered another rash.  In this first summer I wore short-sleeved shirts and actually bought and wore shorts.  I am fair-skinned and continue use my UPF 50+ (I'm no dummy), but when I forget to reapply it, I get no pain.  As a matter of fact, for the first time in many years, I have a slight tan.  I'll be sitting in the car or walking somewhere and laugh spontaneously.  "Look at me," I'll say to my husband, "I'm bare-legged."  (When I was a child I thought 'bare-legged' meant bare-naked.)

Kim and I continue to work through my old toxic beliefs.  My sleep patterns and daily energy have improved, my relationships have improved and my health continues to improve.  As a classically trained spiritual director, I have poured much effort into my spiritual life, and that, too, is improving.

I don't believe that this type of work is for everyone; it requires openness of mind and an intention to heal/improve.  But for those of us who are willing, Kim's is a down-to-earth, compassionate and skillful ally on the journey.

MP MacDonald, September, 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario



I have never had such a powerful healer work on me before than Kim Nadin!! Her hands are fire and she completely aligned me from head to toe. Goddess bless you Kim now and always!

Freyja Hazel, August 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario



My Angels. My Arc Angels. My Ascended Masters and Energies of 100% light ONLY. Are speaking through me and in me. This is OUR testimony. 
About a year and abit ago I knocked on a door looked down and saw the " Welcome" mat I proceeded to await the person whom answered the door it was the one and only Kim Nadin.
( Elemental Vibrations). That day has and will forever in my continued journeys through life forms change and shift my ways of being. 
I met Kim at one of My Kiwanis meetings and the journey began. 
So I walked through the door to be welcomed "home". What happened in our first session was inspiring motivating and most of all angelic. I felt feelings and such sense of relief from pain, from fears, from anxieties, unexplainable by words. That have only and continue to excel more and more each time. I have always known I carry a gift within me and for so long it has been awaiting an awakening an awakening that Kim brought forth and out of me through our higher powers working together. Energy is within is us all awaiting an awakening. A powerful one it is. We got acquainted and she then proceeded to instruct me to lay on the " healing table" as I'd like to call it. I had been suffering from sever back ache, headaches, anxieties, fears and emotional distress. I can honestly say and with great amazing truth say I have been relieved from many of those symptoms. No meds used, no testing, just Pure natural energetic healing. My journey continues on and everyday with less stress and pains of this fast paced scientific labeled world we are experiencing. My back pain is gone, I have control and am over coming my fears on a daily basis. Through Kim I have acquired my certification in Reiki healing which is progressing within myself everyday. Kim is a Reiki master and fills those shoes with each letter of the word. If you have read this; thank you. Also if it has inspired curiosity for your own well being then I strongly encourage you to act on your calling. IT IS TIME. Thank You Kim Nadin for changing my life along with many many more. You are truly a Guardian of the Light and a Blessing to us all. So whatever you may be experiencing and even have any doubt of the spiritual energetic healing side with whatever percentage that doubt would be because that's the bit of FAITH that's urging you to act on, BELIEVE. 
Thank You and many Blessings to you ALL of Peace, Love and Light.
Claudia Mendoza July, 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario



"It doesn't get more real than Kim Nadin"

Lori Paras (Northern Woman), February 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario



I met Kim 3 months ago. I first went to one of her workshops which was fantastic and just a start to my new journey.  I went for my first session a week after and that's when my life started to unfold. I didn't expect the extreme changes to happen so fast. I went from emotionally drained, feeling lost, and not knowing what to do with my life anymore, to feeling alive, having a game plan and accepting all that was coming to me.  I'm still in shock how fast my life has turned around and it's still in progress and I'm on the perfect path and if it wasn't for me going to that one workshop and meeting Kim, I don't know where I'd be today.  

Kim has the biggest heart, the greatest energy and is the real deal!  

Kim has helped me change my life!! 

Tara, February, 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario


“Kim has an intuitive gift that allows her to identify what her clients need, even if they cannot.  Her presence is gentle and kind, powerfully supportive.  She is grounded, down to earth and provides a space free of judgement, a place without fear.  Her “light work” intention is to help (to do no harm) which allows spiritual insight and guidance that continues to grow long after the appointment is over.

I was in a place in life with no forward momentum - stuck.  One Reiki session and energy began to cascade, things began to change… FAST!  People I needed came into my path effortlessly, circumstances and events lined up… I found myself experiencing progress and resolution of problems for the first time in a year!  One encounter helped restore my faith when I was “lost” in the tough aspects of life. 

Source guided me to Kim. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of healing in any aspect of their life… anyone who wishes to strengthen their connection to Source… anyone who feels there is something bigger waiting for them.  Surrender, take a chance, be open to guidance… transform!  Kim lives her life in true Dharma and I so look forward to being guided to mine.

All things in perfect time.”

Em J.  January, 2014

Thunder Bay, Ontario



After one year of suffering with left knee pain and unable to walk or exercise much I went to the doctor.  After all the tests I was told I had (a) cartilage tear in my knee and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon for further assessment and possibly surgery.  Needless to say the orthopedic surgeon’s wait list was a mile long.  I would not be seen for months.

Frustrated and hopeless I started thinking about what I could do to ease the pain besides taking pain killers, anti inflammatory medication and wearing a very expensive brace for mobility.

Just then, I was given an article on Xocai Chocolate written by Kim Nadin in the “Thunder Bay Source”.  At the bottom of the article Kim stated she also performs Reiki for healing.  I had never had this experience before but something in me said call her and find out what this is and how does it work.  After my phone conversation with Kim about the benefits of Reiki, I wanted an appointment because I knew if anything it would not hurt me. 

My appointment was July 28, 2009.  I call this my Miracle day!  The session was a little over one hour and it was worth it.  When I got off the table, for the first time since a year earlier July 2008 I felt no pain and my immediate reaction was to not put my knee brace back on.  Kim insisted I put the brace back on because it takes a few days for Reiki to have full effect.  I listened and put the brace on for a few days (3-4).  I still did not have pain and I stopped taking the pain killers and the anti inflammatory medication.  By mid August I was walking 5-7 km a day 5 days a week.  I changed my eating habits which I couldn’t before and have lost almost 28 pounds since July 28th

Why I call Reiki the Miracle worker is because I got better after one session!  My resolve to get rid of the pain before I went there probably had something to do with it.  I went to my Reiki Session with an open mind, heart and soul.  I let the pain out and the healing Reiki provides in.  If the cartilage tear is still there, I would know at this point on October 22nd, 2009.   Thank you Kim!

Ann, Thunder Bay, Ontario



I met Kim approximately 2 years ago and I truly believe that it was divine intervention. Having been treated by her for almost the last 2 years I don't know where I would be today.  I got sick 15 years ago and I was in a tremendous amount of pain physically and emotionally, I had totally closed myself off from family and friends and was in an extremely bad way. But after receiving treatment from her I have been able to cut back my pain meds significantly without any severe withdrawal side effects which is amazing in its self.  I have learned to feel again and to start to be the happy, emotionally stable woman I once was. They say we all have guardian angels watching over us and she is my guardian angel on earth.  She has be come a good friend and mentor for me and words can't express the gratitude and love I feel for this woman, she has truly saved my life.  If I could give anyone reading this one piece of advice please trust in what I say, please take a leap of faith and try treatments with Kim, I truly believe that she will help you as much as she has helped me.  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, a life that will be more rewarding and fulfilling.  Kim has truly been my saving grace and I can't thank her enough, she is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with.

Lynn,  January, 2014. Thunder Bay, Ontario



“I am an old man practicing Native North American healing for many years. In recent months I have come to know Kim Nadin as a Warrior of the Light. Her gifts come from way back in time of this dimension yet she conveys her message in a truly modern and current terminological way. She has been given the gift of wisdom and the ability to share that knowledge in a very understandable way. I have been taught that I should never reject teachings when they come from a young person as wisdom is timeless. Few of her generation can relate so fluently the lessons of life so badly needed in this evolving world of ours. It is also true that she speaks from the heart and always from the basis of truth. An experience with her can and will be instrumental in changing your life and lead you to a healing path.”

Ahow Megwetch

Grandfather Steve, Thunder Bay, Ontario



Kim is an intuitive, wise, funny and non judgmental energy worker. I have been a Physical Therapist for over 17 years and during that time have experienced many different types of bodywork and energetic clearings. My sessions with Kim have been profound experiences beyond words. Each session with her was exactly what I needed to clear and raise my vibration to another quantum level. This allows me to be more precise and intuitive in my work with clients. I'm grateful and proud to say she is an amazing woman, friend and a healer of healers!

Leah, Scottsdale AZ



"I had the privilege of a Between Lives Soul Regression with Kim, and it was a profoundly meaningful experience. I gained a deep and lingering sense of connection to Spirit. I also received a wealth of both spiritual and practical advice around the questions and goals I had going into the session - as well as some excellent guidance in matters I did not even think to ask about. The experience was intensely valuable to me, and I would not hesitate to recommend the process to anyone, and to recommend Kim in particular. There is a sensitivity and gentleness to her voice and her manner which really helped guide me where I needed to go. Her gentle probing questions, and keen intuitive understanding of when and what to ask, truly opened up the spiritual realm for me in ways that I would not have been able to predict. My expectations were exceeded in every way. Thanks so much, Kim! I'm a different person since my session with you, and very grateful for it."

Tyler, British Columbia



 “I have worked in the healthcare field for over ten years; however, my interest in alternative medicine and healing energy has grown substantially over the last few years. I originally started seeing Kim Nadin a few years ago for some Reiki sessions and our relationship has grown over time. Her multifaceted/multi-modality approach along with a keen sense of her clients’ needs is paramount, as she tailors her work to the individual; drawing from her many areas of her experience. In addition to formal Reiki and other energy courses, she has helped me on my own journey as I open up to new and exciting concepts. Kim is a true healer and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in benefitting both physically, energetically and spiritually”

Ryan, January, 2014. Thunder Bay, Ontario. 




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