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I am an Intuitive Energy Practitioner who has been trained in several modalities to best hold space for clients to allow them to “wake up” so to speak.  I can not “fix” anyone, however I with the support of Spirit am able to hold space in which you can “fix and/or heal” yourself.  How cool is that?  An individual session with me is unique to the individual requesting the session.  My higher guidance connects with your higher guidance and I simply facilitate the process.  It is just as exciting for me as it is for you!!!

I have been trained to facilitate Past Life Regressions and am also certified as a Between Life Regression Therapist.  This is a very exciting tool that I was thrilled to add to my repertoire.  It is believed that a Between Life Soul Regression which takes approximately 4 hours can be equal to 20 hours of psychotherapy. I also am a Certified Rising Star Practitioner, a Prema Birthing Teacher and Practitioner as well as an Advanced PSYCH-K Practitioner. I also am a Certified Advance Level Light Therapy Practitioner and have just completed the six levels of Seraphim Blueprint Angel Healing.

I teach workshops and offer private sessions both in person and at a distance.

I am always listening and ever evolving.

Please feel free to submit any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!!

In Love and Light,

Kim Nadin


Reiki, Elemental Vibrations, Thunder Bay
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